Julia Roberts Named People’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ for 5th time

Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has been named People magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman for a record fifth time.

The 49-year-old actress has not been given the coveted title in 26 years, and tells the publication that she’s “very flattered.”

Roberts says that she’s “currently peaking” in life, and gushes over her 14-year marriage to Danny Moder.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, the Oscar winner also noted that she can’t wait to show her twins the movies she’s made.

“There’s nothing more thrilling than creating a piece of work and feeling like you have some triumph to bring home and lay at the feet of your family,” she explained. “”I can’t wait for my daughter to see My Best Friend’s Wedding. I mean, that will be sweet.”

Last year, Jennifer Aniston was named World’s Most Beautiful Woman, and coincidentally was starring alongside Roberts in the film Mother’s Day.

Is your liver healthy?

Nearly 30 percent of the UAE’s adult population could be suffering from a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is associated with risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. NAFLD doesn’t usually cause any harm, but it can lead to serious liver damage, including cirrhosis if it gets worse.

During the event held by Singapore-based Asian American Liver Centre (AALC) and Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore (Gleneagles Hospital) at Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche On April 14, 2017. Dr Lee Kang Hoe, senior consultant  said maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce risks of developing NAFLD or reverse the situation if you already have it.

He advised patients at risk of developing liver failure to get regular check-ups to stay healthy and monitor their liver function.

“There is a lot of reserve in the liver function,” says Dr Lee. “Even if 50 percent of your liver does not work, you could live normally and the only way for early detection is to do a blood test or liver imaging study like an ultrasound or CT scan,” Dr Lee explained.

He said the UAE is not alone, noting that five percent of the global population is also suffering from it now, especially those living in developed countries. And although it is a common piece of advice, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still the key to protecting the liver.

“You’ve got to eat healthily, avoid too much of a fatty diet, and “sweet” things e.g. soda drinks like Pepsi as well as get enough physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of liver damage.” Dr Lee said.

During the event, physicians and past Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) recipients, many with their families, were present to share their liver transplant stories and recoveries journey. Today is to mark the collaboration between AALC and Gleneagles Hospital over the past 15 years.

AALC is one of Asia’s leading liver centres that offer the LDLT program in a private hospital. To date, AALC has carried out 244 LDLTs – 22% of them involving UAE nationals.

The LDLT program offers Emiratis with the end-stage liver disease the option to seek specialized treatment in Singapore. From pre-surgery to post-operative care, AALC works closely with UAE physicians to ensure that all patients have a smooth treatment journey.

“We deeply appreciate that, for over a decade, Emiratis from all walks of life have entrusted AALC with their liver health. Together, we have saved the lives of over 55 patients. Looking ahead, we expect to accomplish much more,” said Dr Tan Kai Chah,  renowned liver surgeon at AALC.




Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus: Power of a photography studio in your pocket

Seems like professional studio photography is within everyone’s reach, thanks to Huawei’s new flagship P Series devices co-engineered with Leica, it isn’t that hard to achieve good looking portraits anytime, anywhere!

With Huawei’s continuous efforts of finding ways to cater more to the creative eye among today’s smartphone user, the company has partnered with Leica, a German brand premium-segment manufacturer of cameras, to bring users a cutting-edge new camera features that make every shot a cover shot.

With the first ever front-facing camera co-engineered with Leica, both Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus camera capabilities ensure high quality, timeless portraits.


“At Huawei, we’re always inspired by people’s lives and habits. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s hard to always live the moment , yet the ability to beautifully capture and document our experiences helps us preserve our best moments and memories,” David Wang, UAE Country Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group, said.


Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus are the first smartphones with precise 3D facial mapping technology, portrait enhancements, and dynamic illumination. The studio-level portrait features also create more natural-looking photos thanks to Huawei P10’s artistic imaging algorithm. By understanding the relative position of each facial feature and the uniqueness of skin type, portrait enhancements can be applied in a customized and more natural way making filters and retouching on Photoshop unnecessary anymore. Both smartphones also offer superior night shot capabilities.

Apart from redefining portrait photography, both phones also boast powerful Kirin 960 processor, an all-new EMUI 5.1, as well as a fingerprint sensor on the front. With 3,200 for the Huawei P10 and 3750 mAh battery for the Huawei P10 Plus, both smartphones support Huawei SuperCharge technology. The low voltage, low temperature fast charging solution comes with a super safe 5-gate protection mechanism, which offers real-time voltage, current and temperature monitoring to make charging not only fast but safe.

The smartphones are available in the following colors: Dazzling Gold, Dazzling Blue and Graphite Black. A hyper diamond cut gives the phone a glossy finish but prevents fingerprint smudges.

Huawei P10 is available at Dh1899 and Huawei P10 Plus is available at Dh2599 starting April 13 at select retails outlets across the UAE.

How to use Facebook Live

If you are one of the remaining few who has no idea on how to operate Facebook live. This guide is definitely for you. But first, make sure you have a strong internet connection or are on a 4G mobile network before you get going.

Open the Facebook app. In order to stream video live to Facebook from your mobile device, you’ll need to use the Facebook app. You cannot stream from the Facebook mobile website so you need to install.

1.Tap the “What’s on your mind?” box. This will start a standard Facebook post.

2.Tap the Live button at the bottom of the field. It is a red video camera icon.

3.Enter a description for your video. The description should be short and catchy. You can always edit it after if you’d like to add more details about the scene you captured live. But as a starter, make sure you catch people with words. This is especially important if you’re trying to grab their attention as they scroll through their News Feed.

4.Set who can view your broadcast. By default, your friends will be able to see your broadcast on their News Feeds. But you can change the audience so that it can be viewed publicly, giving you the chance to go viral, or record a private broadcast for select friends by tagging them into the post.

5.Tap “Go Live” to start broadcasting. After a quick countdown, you’ll be live on Facebook! You can broadcast for up to 90 minutes at a time. Make sure when taking the video it’s not too shaking or else you’ll make your audience dizzy.

6.Interact with your viewers and respond to comments. You’ll engage your audience a lot more if you incorporate their feedback and mention them by name in the broadcast or through comments. Do this often to help build and retain your audience. If you see some troublemakers, you can tap on their name in the comments and select “Block.”

7.Urge your viewers to tap the “Follow” or “Subscribe” button. This will notify them when you start broadcasting next time, increasing your viewership numbers.

8.Tap “Finish” when you’re done broadcasting. This will end your broadcast and post the replay to your timeline. Try to leave these up so the viewers can go back and view old videos, but you can delete them if you’d like.

9.At the end of the Facebook Live session. You will be asked if you’d like to upload your video on HD or not. Choose what you desire.

Kris Aquino lands Hollywood movie role

Actress and talk show host Kris Aquino revealed in an Instagram post on Easter Sunday that she has landed a role in a Hollywood movie.

“Tonight I fly to Los Angeles to meet Chris Lee, my agent to sign my contract. I passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role,” she said in a lengthy caption of a photo showing Biblical text.

“It is surreal to be reading the script from a major Hollywood studio watermarked on every page with my name,” she added.

Due to a contractual obligation, Aquino said she would not yet disclose details of the film and her role in it.

Aquino shared her brokenness in spirit after having two of her shows cancelled within a year, but found hope and joy in the upcoming project she is about to embark on.

Aquino said it was Tony & Grammy award winning Broadway producer Jhett Tolentino who reached out to her through her contacts last March.

“He was helping a Filipino-Chinese-American agent friend of his reach me to ask if I’d want to audition for a big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming. The pressure was I had to submit my reel in 72 hrs,” she narrated.

“I felt I had nothing to lose, so we went for it. 48 hrs after Jhett’s call, on March 25 we mounted an audition shoot in Manila Peninsula,” Aquino said.

Aquino hopes her Hollywood break gives her fans “encouragement and hope.”

“I am proof that in life doors will shut, and there will be heartbreaking setbacks but faith in God’s plan will open new, unexpected doors,” she said.

25 social media booboos

Social media have made life extra fun for a lot of reasons. Nowhere in mankind’s history has it been this convenient to stay in touch with everyone. There are curbs of course, most especially in matters of dos and don’ts.

But as popular American writer, Robert Fulghum would say in his two-year New York Times bestseller of the same title, “Everything you really need to know, you’ve learned in kindergarten.”

In a more clichéd manner of saying, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the basics of real-life social ethics and you’ll get there.

Below is a quick rundown of the most common social media gaffes you’ve probably came across at least once in your cyber life – and they can sometimes cause friends to put you in the “Hide” list, worse, “unfriend” you.

posting cryptic message
1)Posting cryptic messages. “Oh no, not again.” “Prayers please. ” “Uuuuugghhh!” are cliffhanger status updates or “vaguebooking” that leave people like “gawking fans,” as The Huffington Post puts it, to the “attention-seeking” author’s delight.

2)Sharing gory pictures. Who wants to see images of severed heads or a blown-up torso? Ever noticed how you get less “Likes” if at all, posting gruesome images?

3)Ranting, griping. Sometimes it’s fine to do a little venting – we all get disappointed once in a while. But don’t make it a habit, because if you do, you’d most likely lose FB friends.

selfie 2
4)Selfie galore. A new study has revealed that posting too many selfies could be annoying to your friends. It says the habit borders on extreme narcissism — that “I am the center of the universe” which some people may find irksome. Another study says this habit is actually an indirect way to cover lask of self-esteem.

5)Changing profile pictures often. “People who keep changing their profile pictures are insecure, lack confidence and are often very flippant in their decisions. Such people are also found to be suspicious and don’t trust others easily. Some even show traits of split personality and always remain dissatisfied with their decisions,” said Dr. Amool Ranjan, a psychologist who had worked for India’s Ministry of Health.

posting drunk 2
6) Posting when drunk. Get off it. People can easily tell when you’re drunk and on a posting mood – you sound different.

7)Chain letters. “If you don’t repost this to your wall and tag five friends, you’ll never find true happiness.” For real?!?

constantly changing relationship status
8)Constantly changing relationship updates. So you were “Engaged” then suddenly it became “Complicated.” And now you’re in an “Open Relationship.” Paired.com says, “Unless you are 12 years old, there shouldn’t be so much drama behind it, but yet there is in the world of dating.”

9)Posting your childhood photo for profile picture. If you do this, gawker.com says, “You are the type of person who thinks that everything in the past is better than it is now.”

10)Candy Crush and other game invites. Yes, it’s annoying to the point that Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to stop it.

posting food before eating
11)Posting food before eating. Dr. Susan Albers told Psychology Today people have developed the habit for a range of reasons: from sharing the experience to actually indicating a “problematic relationship with eating” and asking for advice.

12)Posting images of make-outs. Get off it. Photos of intimacy is fine, but making out?

13)Public posting for someone. Called a “sub-post” and sort of like a blind item posted for someone, a boss maybe, or an ex-lover, even a slob room mate – “I would have loved it if you actually washed your meal plates.”

vacation overkill 2
14) Vacation overkill. Social Times reported that data from CyberLink Corp. suggests you might want to think twice before flooding your News Feed with those vacation photos because most probably your FBFs don’t want an overkill.

15)Check-ins. Some people go to ridiculous lengths to post places where they’ve been – hotel lobby, the mall, even the lavatory! But really, others question how can looking at those pictures be fun?

emoting on facebook
16)Emoting on Facebook. This tops the most annoying FB behavior, experts say, adding that it usually are from loners or those with no obne to talk to about their ordeals.

17)Posting in all caps. Writing in all caps is equivalent to shouting – the first rule everyone should know.

18)Humblebrags and other types of brags. Waitbutwhy.com says that bragging is “such a staple” that it needs to be broken down to three: the “I am having a great life” brag; Undercover or Humblebrags, and the ‘I’m in a great love affair” brag.\

19)Obsessively posting about your child. Okay, all parents love their child but flooding updates about him or her maybe stretching it a bit.

20)Tagging friends in not-so-good pics. It’s called “uncompromising situations” and then poor guy might just end up deleting you.

21)Literal status update. “Headed to the gym.” ‘Beat my deadline.” And so on. Experts say some people post literal updates because they are lonely.

22)Pet show. Most of us have come across this type: people who post photos of their pets without them in the picture. Gawker.com says it says a lot about you, a cat posted by a lady, for instance, could mean she has no boyfriend.

23)Ghost tagging. It’s when a friend tags everyone, including you but you’re not in the picture. Duh!

From selfie obsession to food porn,
Although Facebook is a highly convenient way for people to keep in touch with their loved ones, sometimes the sharing we do on Facebook can have disastrous results! Updating your status badmouthing your boss without realizing that your boss in your friends’ list is one of the most common mistakes many Facebook users make. Apart from such blunders, there are other friends who leave unexpected comments on your posts and photos. All of this works together to provide us material for our today’s list – 15 of the worst Facebook Fails. Check them out below:

Job interview mo ba? Ano ang gayak?

Appearance is form meeting function. In interviews, appearance could easily take in a huge percentage of your chance of making it. Here are some tips from the experts:

1) Blazers are good but…

While a blazer is a good go-to choice for almost any interview, be mindful of what you wear underneath, says Alison Doyle, one of the industry’s most highly-regarded career experts. Inevitably, she says, the deep-v formed by the blazer’s lapel creates a plunging neckline. “If you’re going to wear a camisole or a shell underneath, make sure it covers you appropriately. Of course, layering with a button-down is a no-fail option, too.”
Doyle says this applies to men, too. “Unless you’re interviewing in a casual environment, like at a start-up company, wearing a blazer on top doesn’t give you the excuse to wear a tired t-shirt underneath. Take the extra effort and put on a button-down or, at the very least, a v-neck sweater.”

2) Take it easy on the perfume
Doyle says you never know  never know if your interviewer might have an allergy or aversion to strong scents. 

3)Upgrade your wardrobe. In a tight job market, everything matters – including your overall appearance. If your wardrobe is outdated, or if you have been out of the workforce for awhile and your closet reflects it, invest in some modern, fashion-forward clothes to wear to your interview, Doyle suggests.

4) Tone down that make-up. While it’s important to look your best, loading on make-up is not the best way to go about it, according to Doyle. “Keep your look natural, avoiding dark eye shadow, bright lipstick or heavy foundation. Your best bet is to stick with a light coat of mascara, a touch of powder and some tinted lip balm. Aim to look refreshed and awake, without looking too done up,” she says.

5)Jangly Jewelry: Don’t wear more than two rings per hand or one earring per ear. And no face jewelry or ankle bracelets allowed. 
6)Open-toed or backless shoes: And mules are a definite no-no. Out-of-date shoes should be thrown out or kept for other occasions. 

7)Overly casual clothes. Even if you’re interviewing at a laid-back workplace, it’s still possible to take the casual concept too far, says Trevor Simm, founder and president of OpalStaff, a staffing solutions company. “Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, flip-flops, or any garments with messages or brands written on them,” he says. “For men wearing a suit, do not wear loud, obnoxious colors, busy-printed shirts or overly patterned ties.” Take the conservative approach, and save the fun stuff for after you’ve got the job.

8) Don’t wear anything distracting
There’s a fine line between standing out and wearing something that’s just distracting, says Stacy Lindenberg, owner of Talent Seed Consulting

“Better to choose subtle patterns over brighter ones, and dark or neutral clothing versus neon colors or anything distracting,” Lindenberg says. “You should be the focus of the interview, not your clothing.”

5 ways to tell if you’re in a relationship with the right person

1. You don’t feel like you need to hold back
You can talk about anything and don’t feel like you’re going to be judged or that you have to navigate a minefield.

In certain relationships, it might feel like a tightrope act, where you have to make sure to act a certain way and stay away from certain topics. If you’re with the right person, all of that goes out the window. You can make a fool of yourself, and it’s all good.

2. You actually like to do the same things
I don’t mean that you do every single thing together. I do mean, however, that you naturally like to do many of the same things.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find what to do that you both like, and it shouldn’t always be a tradeoff — like she’s doing “your” thing today, but you have to do “her” thing next weekend. That kind of thing is going to happen sometimes, but one of the ways you know you found the right person is that it’s not a struggle to find things you both love to do.

3. You argue when you strongly disagree
You don’t hold back with the one you love. In fact, it’s actually a good thing for couples to argue. It means that you’re trying to solve a problem and that you aren’t afraid of your partner.

4. You have your own identities
This one and the “like to do the same things” one are sort of the yin and yang of a relationship. You need a balance.
While it’s awesome that you like to do stuff together, as it gives you the framework to actually share your life with each other, the right relationship also affords you the space to be your own person.

Like, your best friend of five years is suddenly adamant that he has always loved sailing even though he never talked about it before. You know something’s up because he’s changing himself, and he might not even be aware of it.

5. If you don’t really have to wonder, then you’re with the right person
This one is probably the easiest way to know if you’re with the right person. If you found someone truly special, you usually know.

You just realize that things are different. You don’t lose your boundless optimism. In fact, the relationship keeps getting more interesting and exciting every day. It keeps growing without you having to try.


Top 6 best things to do in Nepal

Go and see what it’s like viewing the rest of the world from the highest peak. If you are an adventure seeker and a historian, no doubt Nepal is the next country you would want to explore.

Located between the majestic Himalaya Mountains and the fascinating Indian jungles, Nepal is a land where things like yaks, yetis, mountain peaks and hidden monasteries appear to be seemingly common. And over the years, Nepal has managed to invent itself into a popular travel destination attracting the young and old to its rich natural beauty, historic attractions and vast cultural heritage that has proven to be the perfect mix between the ancient and the modern, slow paced lifestyles and frantic city life. It is also a popular destination to those who want to venture the famous Everest Base Camp.

TFT lists down our list of the top 6 best things to do in Nepal.

1. Trekking in Nepal
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trekker, Nepal is the land of trekking (and climbing), offering some of the best trekking routes in the world. If you consider yourself a pro, the 4-day Poonhill trek is one of the better short treks in Nepal, while the Everest Base Camp trek is a great trek if having 12 days available. But if you would just like to experience trekking, Island Peak or Mera Peak is the one for you. Both peaks reach +6,000 meters and are safe for people with no prior mountaineering experience.

2. Panoramic flight over the Himalayas
Who says you need to trek to see the beautiful Himalayas? A Himalayan panoramic mountain flight tour which starts at around Dh 1,300 at getyourguide.com is the perfect way of enjoying unparalleled eye-level views of those majestic mountain peaks. Get spectacular views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Gosaithan, Mt. Dorje Lhakpa, Mt. Gauri-Shanker and Mt. Pumori.

3. Visit to Chitwan National Park
Aside from the mountain peaks and monasteries, another must-see destination is the Chitwan National Par. It is the the first national park in Nepal and hosts more than 500 species of migratory birds, one horned rhinos, Bengal tigers and Asian elephants.

4. Exploring Pokhara If you opt for a stroll beside a lake, a short trip to Pokhara is ideal. This lakeside town attracts explorers, nature lovers and adrenaline junkies with its spectacular natural beauty, an array of fishing opportunities, mountain biking, exciting treks, visiting the peace pagoda, paragliding and sunbathing. Best way to enjoy this place is by boating and strolling down the lakeside in Pokhara.

5. Kathmandu sightseeing tour
Your trip to Nepal will never be complete with exploring the capital. Prepare to be in awe in almost each and every turn in the valley as it introduces you to intricate carvings, delightful pagodas and humongous stone images. The area is surrounded by temples and shrines and it seems like walking through a living history museum. Some of the mustsee attractions in Kathmandu Valley include Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and the Temple of Kumari.

6. Pashupatinath Temple
Though all the shrines, temples and monasteries have their own unique beauty and relevant story, The Pashupatinath Temple is a must-see. This temple which was constructed way back in the year 1696 on the banks of the Bagmati River is now known to be the most important Hindu temple in Nepal. The temple was designed in a classic pagoda style, with a gilded rooftop, four silver-plated doors and beautifully carved rafters. Though, Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple premises, but a glimpse of Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi, can be seen from the outside. Fair enough.

New Apple Watch may have mobile connectivity

Tech giant Apple may place a 4G SIM card slot to its third generation of Apple Watch that it is totally autonomous and does not need to have a smartphone nearby, according to reports by various tech news websites.

The SIM card obviously makes it possible to communicate (phoning and sending SMS/MMS) as well as connecting to the internet via 3G or 4G. The new Apple Watch could well incorporate the new eSIM technology, or a SIM card built into the watch, reported Inquirer.net.

According to the news report, if Apple makes this move, it will be following a general trend. The latest version of Android Wear, which is the operating system used in most of the devices that rival Apple Watch, now handles autonomous apps which can be installed directly on the watch and no longer need a smartphone to operate.

This has prompted a string of manufacturers to offer smartwatches with a SIM card and 4G connectivity. Some of the more high-end examples of this include the LG Watch Sport, LG Watch Style and the Huawei Watch 2. The Samsung Gear S3 is another example, using Samsung’s own Tizen operating system.

The increasing availability of smartwatches with 4G is one of the reasons why Apple could not launch a new generation of the Apple Watch which is not standalone. It would therefore be possible to communicate, listen to music, and share on social media without the need for an iPhone nearby, reported the news portal.