Balang marks 4th “Ellen” appearance with Ed Sheeran’s song

For the fourth time, Balang has once again graced the “Ellen” stage, this time dancing his way to tune of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

After his guesting stint in “Little Big Shots” in the United Kingdom, child performer John Philip Bughaw has come back to the United States to return to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show where he first made his international debut in 2015.

During the talk, Balang shared what is new in his life and revealed he is already an honorary licensed Zumba instructor, after mentioning previously his desire to become one. When DeGeneres teasingly asked him, however, how long he used the exercise bicycle they gave him in his previous guesting, the kid wonder answered candidly said just “3 minutes” which had the audience cackling in laughing.

Buhay UAE – how mobile phones make lives of OFs easier

The Filipinos’ love for smart phones transcends vanity, after all.

It’s form and function for overseas Pinoys living in the flats and accommodations, who use it to create Whatsapp groups and keep everyone looped in.

From keeping tab on who’s using the laundry room to reminding all, especially the noisy ones at the TV/living area, that others are already in bed asleep, mobile phones have become an integral part of overseas Pinoys’ lives in the UAE.

“Para din sa mga announcements about flat matters. Hirap kasi pag iisa-isahin o kakatukin pa,” said Viva Rusia, who created a group chat for her flatmates in their Deira accommodation.
She said the group chat provides for some levels of organization among the tenants, thereby keeping the place conducive as well for having a much needed rest, owing to the relative silence as everyone’s communicating through their phones.
Antonio Densol, who works in Jebel Ali and lives in Karama said that through their Whatsapp group chat, he is able to finish chores faster upon coming home.
“Minsan sa group chat na rin ako nagtatanong kung ano ulam nila. hehehe,” said Densol. (Jojo Dass)

‘Tumatagal ang phone ko sa akin… di tulad ng relationship.’

A mobile phone can be likened to a love affair – it stays with you or is gone, sometimes to be replaced with a new one.

Take it from Aby Ognikob of Media City, who, asked how often she changes her unit, nuanced that her phones usually outlast relationships she’s been in.


“Tumatagal ang mga phones ko sa akin di tulad ng relationships,” she said, laughing. More hugot remarks: “Di ako mahilig magpalit ng phone, sentimental ako.”
Seriously, Ognikob said unlike most Filipinos in love with the gadget, she doesn’t change her mobile phone for the sake of doing so because a new model has arrived. “I have an iphone 5 I bought in 2013 and am still using it,” she said.

When is she going to replace it? “‘Pag may dumating na bago? (laughs). I like the ones with good picture resolution and wifi connection. No specific brand or model in mind, though,” she said.
Ognikob said she has no idea how many phones she has had. “Lagi akong nawawalan mg phone, kasi kagagawan ko,” she replied somewhat subliminally. “Pero ngayon, hindi na. Ipaglalaban ko na ito!”
So, what’s your smartphone story?
(Jojo Dass)

Pesang Hammour ?

Among all-time favorite dishes Pinoys grew up with back home is the famous Pesang Isda – a fish-in-ginger-lemon grass-and-tomato stew that definitely goes well with piping hot steamed rice and chopped labuyo in a little fish sauce.

If you happen to be in Deira’s Rigga area on a Thursday night, looking for a place to dine before you start partying for the weekend, you might want to drop in at Liwan Restaurant, the all-day dining destination at Al Ghurair Arjaan & Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana.
image (2)
Why? The place turns into a celebration of epicurean seafood delight!
image (5)
From live barbecue stations teeming with shrimps, calamari and other fresh catch to, yes, Pesang Hammour – now that’s something you don’t often see in most Pinoy restaurants.

The rotating menu also includes Seafood Paella and Ceviche, for what to Pinoys would be a variation of the old fashioned Kinilaw.

The cavernous Liwan Restaurant is also cozy and exudes an air of privacy one doesn’t usually get to enjoy in most dining spots across Dubai on busy Thursday evenings, when the city just go gaga for a night spot to cap another long busy week.

Seafood Delight Dinner starts at Dh159. Doors open 7pm. (Jojo Dass)

4 reasons why expats love Dubai

For the fifth consecutive time, Dubai has been hailed as the number one spot for quality of living across the Middle East and Africa region, according to Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Living Survey.

Overall in global ranking, the emirate came in 74th place. Aside from the obvious regarding the unlimited possibilities for one’s career, the city also boasts a lot of perks for immigrants wanting to settle in a place where there is a work-life balance.

1. Gateway to the world
Due to its geographical location, Dubai makes it easier for everyone to travel both sides of the globe. Clare Bugden, a South African expat living in Dubai, shared that this was why she decided to stay here and eventually build a career in the travel industry.

2. Safe environment for everyone
There are a lot of things to consider when one is deciding to move to another country. Dubai makes it easier for potential expats settling in the emirate by upholding very high standards in terms of law and order. As per travel blog What Doesn’t Suck, Dubai offers laws that are so stiff, yet the culture is tolerant to others.

3. Family living at its finest
Dubai seems to have mastered the art of balancing two aspects – family and work. Circles in the Sand blogger Marianne Makdisi, who moved to the city 4 years ago with her husband and two boys particularly enjoys the fact that her kids are able to get quality education while living in a place that also promotes happiness.

4. Cultural diversity
With over 90% of the city’s population being immigrants, one will never really feel alone in a foreign in Dubai. Whether you are single or married with kids, Dubai has got you covered for all your wants and needs.

Angel, John Lloyd to star with KathNiel in “La Luna”

Following the announcement that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will star in the sequel of the ABS-CBN primetime teleserye, “Imortal,” “La Luna Sangre” many fans wondered whether Angel Locsin and/or John Lloyd Cruz will also make an appearance. As it turns out, both the veteran actors are already scheduled to play significant roles in the upcoming series reprising their respective characters.

Locsin confirmed the news herself last Monday spilling some beans on her latest project to local media reporters.”I’m very excited to work again with Lloydy. Mayroon kaming special participation sa ‘La Luna Sangre,” she excitedly said.

“La Luna Sangre” is the third installment of the hit fantasy franchise, after “Lobo” and “Imortal,” which the 31-year-old both partook in.

Beauty and the Beast broke 5 biggest movie records

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has already earned a soaring $170 million at the US box office and $350 million globally, setting an extraordinary five box office records, according to The Independent.

1 The film now holds the biggest domestic and international opening of all time for a PG film, beating last year’s Finding Dory with $135 million.

Harry Potter Wiki
Harry Potter Wiki

2 It’s also the seventh biggest opening of all time, behind the final Harry Potter film with $169.2 million.

All Mag News
All Mag News

3 The biggest opening since last year’s Captain America: Civil War, which debuted at $179.1 million.


4 The highest debuting of Disney’s live-action remakes – beating out Alice in Wonderland, which opened with $116.1 million.

5 And the biggest debut for a female-led film. -KCO

It’s Time for Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the countries closest to the Philippines but this remains largely undiscovered and seriously underrated by Filipino travellers.
The Filipino Times asked Taiwan Tourism’s Vice President of Sales, Vishal Mehra the top reasons why Pinoys should be packing their bags and start putting Taiwan in their travel bucket list for 2017.

1. Adventure
Taiwan is like the Philippines. It is also a tropical country with majestic mountains, scenic cliffs, amazing waterfalls and peaceful lagoons with crystal clear water where one can swim and just enjoy anything under the sun. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers. You can go surfing at Waiao beach, river trekking at Wulai river, or go cycling on easy day trips, or big one from Hualien to Taitung or Paraglide at Waiao.

2. Culture
Go beyond sightseeing of touristic spots and try to get to know the locals, know the way they live and dig deeper into their history. Taiwanese people are unquestionably one of the friendliest in Asia, if not the entire world, and most foreign visitors are impressed by the often staggering level of hospitality(Just like Pinoys). Also, if you are into temples, you’ll find thousands in Taiwan. It boasts more than 5000 temples, ranging in size from single room shrines to vast multi-story complexes. Visit Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Lungshan Temple. Visit Yangmingshan National Park, go on a tea tasting at historical Wisteria Tea House and experience of writing your wishes on sky lantern using Chinese pen.

3. Food
Every Far Eastern country prides itself with an impeccable selection of street food and delicacies and Taiwan is one of them. In Taiwan, food isn’t merely belly fuel – it’s a way to have a good time with friends and family. It’s a celebration of community and life. This country surely has a “food culture,” and a trip around the island, or around Taipei, is like a visit to the world’s best culinary museum. Indulge in these Taiwanese goodies Gua Bao, Pineapple Egg, Tian bu la (Taiwanese oden), Ba wan (giant meat dumplings), Spicy hotpot, Bubble Tea and many more.

4. Shop
Taiwan is increasingly popular for being one of the best places to shop in Asia. With its maddening amount of shopping malls and night markets, it has been easily loved not only by Asian shopaholics but also by foreigners who are eager to hunt for all that their hearts desire – at a bargain price. Taichung is the shopping area to experience the hustle bustle of the biggest metropolitan city in middle of Taiwan. East District is home to several high profile shopping malls, commercial centres and business hubs as well as the world-famous Taipei 101. Hsinchu, Tainan, Yailan, and Yilan are some popular shopping destinations.


Taiwan’s population is mostly Han Chinese and they speak Taiwanese, Hakka, and Mandarin. Cozmo Travel Taiwan package starts at Dh 3819 for 4 days and 3 nights inclusive of flights, accommodation and tours. You can also customize your itinerary call them at +971600524444 or check their website at

Why not explore a different country this weekend?

It’s the weekend and here you are daydreaming to go to a far-flung place wanting to achieve inner peace while watching the serene sea and birds touch the tip of a cliff.


What if I tell you that you don’t need to day dream anymore and you won’t even need to spend more than Dh 200 on a full-day tour going to Oman? And mind you, it’s just a two-hour drive and you don’t need to drive if you want?

Sounds great?

Oman has some 3,000 kilometres of coastline, most of which are pristine, stunning and secluded beaches that face the Indian Ocean with soaring sand dunes or rugged rocks, flourishing coral reefs and unique wildlife and Musandam Dibba is one destination, we Pinoys can enjoy with no visa required on a full day tour.


This part of Oman draws a lot of UAE residents because of its crystal-clear waters and fjords. Residents and tourists alike come to swim, snorkel, play waboba (balls that bounce on the water) or just get the important vitamin sea.


A lot of travel and tours companies offer to arrange your trip from A to Z. All you have to do is be on time. Call time is 7:40 am (no lates!) at selected pick-up points in Dubai. You will be dropped at the same location at around 8 pm or earlier.

The adventure at the Land of the Fjords is truly an out-of-this-world experience. Nature lovers will love the place, hands down! The price of the trip is nothing compared to the breath-taking scenery, cliffs and mountains and rich underwater world that you will get to enjoy.

You will be boarded together with other tourists on a traditional Arabic ‘dhow’ and sail northwards. You will spend the afternoon on an island where you can choose to swim, go snorkling or do a banana boat ride. Of course, you can do all. There is also a lunch buffet and a magic show in between.

On the way back, you will be handed a fishing rod and if you get lucky, you might catch a barracuda. Some even get luckier and see dolphins.
Just make sure your original passports are with you when you go to this weekend trip.

Netizens gushing over Scarlet Snow Belo dressed like Belle of Beauty and the Beast

In time for the opening of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Scarlet Snow once again blows away her Instagram followers by dressing up like Belle.

Dr Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho posted photos of Scarlet in Belle’s iconic yellow gown as she sat and posed in a set with roses and candelabra and again earned 100’s of thousand likes.

On Scarlet Snow’s Instagram account, photos of her shoot as Belle were also posted, along with a picture of her pet, Amitee. The dog was dressed up in the Beast’s blue outfit.

And her captions says “today I get to play as baby Belle and Amitee gets to play as baby Beast. I love Amitee but I don’t want to kiss him. It’s yucky. Maybe when he turns into a prince charming I will, so I’ll wait for Ate @emmawatson to kiss him. #BeOurGuest” -KCO

Photo: Instagram/ @scarletsnowbelo