Job interview mo ba? Ano ang gayak?

Appearance is form meeting function. In interviews, appearance could easily take in a huge percentage of your chance of making it. Here are some tips from the experts:

1) Blazers are good but…

While a blazer is a good go-to choice for almost any interview, be mindful of what you wear underneath, says Alison Doyle, one of the industry’s most highly-regarded career experts. Inevitably, she says, the deep-v formed by the blazer’s lapel creates a plunging neckline. “If you’re going to wear a camisole or a shell underneath, make sure it covers you appropriately. Of course, layering with a button-down is a no-fail option, too.”
Doyle says this applies to men, too. “Unless you’re interviewing in a casual environment, like at a start-up company, wearing a blazer on top doesn’t give you the excuse to wear a tired t-shirt underneath. Take the extra effort and put on a button-down or, at the very least, a v-neck sweater.”

2) Take it easy on the perfume
Doyle says you never know  never know if your interviewer might have an allergy or aversion to strong scents. 

3)Upgrade your wardrobe. In a tight job market, everything matters – including your overall appearance. If your wardrobe is outdated, or if you have been out of the workforce for awhile and your closet reflects it, invest in some modern, fashion-forward clothes to wear to your interview, Doyle suggests.

4) Tone down that make-up. While it’s important to look your best, loading on make-up is not the best way to go about it, according to Doyle. “Keep your look natural, avoiding dark eye shadow, bright lipstick or heavy foundation. Your best bet is to stick with a light coat of mascara, a touch of powder and some tinted lip balm. Aim to look refreshed and awake, without looking too done up,” she says.

5)Jangly Jewelry: Don’t wear more than two rings per hand or one earring per ear. And no face jewelry or ankle bracelets allowed. 
6)Open-toed or backless shoes: And mules are a definite no-no. Out-of-date shoes should be thrown out or kept for other occasions. 

7)Overly casual clothes. Even if you’re interviewing at a laid-back workplace, it’s still possible to take the casual concept too far, says Trevor Simm, founder and president of OpalStaff, a staffing solutions company. “Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, flip-flops, or any garments with messages or brands written on them,” he says. “For men wearing a suit, do not wear loud, obnoxious colors, busy-printed shirts or overly patterned ties.” Take the conservative approach, and save the fun stuff for after you’ve got the job.

8) Don’t wear anything distracting
There’s a fine line between standing out and wearing something that’s just distracting, says Stacy Lindenberg, owner of Talent Seed Consulting

“Better to choose subtle patterns over brighter ones, and dark or neutral clothing versus neon colors or anything distracting,” Lindenberg says. “You should be the focus of the interview, not your clothing.”

5 ways to tell if you’re in a relationship with the right person

1. You don’t feel like you need to hold back
You can talk about anything and don’t feel like you’re going to be judged or that you have to navigate a minefield.

In certain relationships, it might feel like a tightrope act, where you have to make sure to act a certain way and stay away from certain topics. If you’re with the right person, all of that goes out the window. You can make a fool of yourself, and it’s all good.

2. You actually like to do the same things
I don’t mean that you do every single thing together. I do mean, however, that you naturally like to do many of the same things.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find what to do that you both like, and it shouldn’t always be a tradeoff — like she’s doing “your” thing today, but you have to do “her” thing next weekend. That kind of thing is going to happen sometimes, but one of the ways you know you found the right person is that it’s not a struggle to find things you both love to do.

3. You argue when you strongly disagree
You don’t hold back with the one you love. In fact, it’s actually a good thing for couples to argue. It means that you’re trying to solve a problem and that you aren’t afraid of your partner.

4. You have your own identities
This one and the “like to do the same things” one are sort of the yin and yang of a relationship. You need a balance.
While it’s awesome that you like to do stuff together, as it gives you the framework to actually share your life with each other, the right relationship also affords you the space to be your own person.

Like, your best friend of five years is suddenly adamant that he has always loved sailing even though he never talked about it before. You know something’s up because he’s changing himself, and he might not even be aware of it.

5. If you don’t really have to wonder, then you’re with the right person
This one is probably the easiest way to know if you’re with the right person. If you found someone truly special, you usually know.

You just realize that things are different. You don’t lose your boundless optimism. In fact, the relationship keeps getting more interesting and exciting every day. It keeps growing without you having to try.

Top 6 best things to do in Nepal

Go and see what it’s like viewing the rest of the world from the highest peak. If you are an adventure seeker and a historian, no doubt Nepal is the next country you would want to explore.

Located between the majestic Himalaya Mountains and the fascinating Indian jungles, Nepal is a land where things like yaks, yetis, mountain peaks and hidden monasteries appear to be seemingly common. And over the years, Nepal has managed to invent itself into a popular travel destination attracting the young and old to its rich natural beauty, historic attractions and vast cultural heritage that has proven to be the perfect mix between the ancient and the modern, slow paced lifestyles and frantic city life. It is also a popular destination to those who want to venture the famous Everest Base Camp.

TFT lists down our list of the top 6 best things to do in Nepal.

1. Trekking in Nepal
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trekker, Nepal is the land of trekking (and climbing), offering some of the best trekking routes in the world. If you consider yourself a pro, the 4-day Poonhill trek is one of the better short treks in Nepal, while the Everest Base Camp trek is a great trek if having 12 days available. But if you would just like to experience trekking, Island Peak or Mera Peak is the one for you. Both peaks reach +6,000 meters and are safe for people with no prior mountaineering experience.

2. Panoramic flight over the Himalayas
Who says you need to trek to see the beautiful Himalayas? A Himalayan panoramic mountain flight tour which starts at around Dh 1,300 at is the perfect way of enjoying unparalleled eye-level views of those majestic mountain peaks. Get spectacular views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Gosaithan, Mt. Dorje Lhakpa, Mt. Gauri-Shanker and Mt. Pumori.

3. Visit to Chitwan National Park
Aside from the mountain peaks and monasteries, another must-see destination is the Chitwan National Par. It is the the first national park in Nepal and hosts more than 500 species of migratory birds, one horned rhinos, Bengal tigers and Asian elephants.

4. Exploring Pokhara If you opt for a stroll beside a lake, a short trip to Pokhara is ideal. This lakeside town attracts explorers, nature lovers and adrenaline junkies with its spectacular natural beauty, an array of fishing opportunities, mountain biking, exciting treks, visiting the peace pagoda, paragliding and sunbathing. Best way to enjoy this place is by boating and strolling down the lakeside in Pokhara.

5. Kathmandu sightseeing tour
Your trip to Nepal will never be complete with exploring the capital. Prepare to be in awe in almost each and every turn in the valley as it introduces you to intricate carvings, delightful pagodas and humongous stone images. The area is surrounded by temples and shrines and it seems like walking through a living history museum. Some of the mustsee attractions in Kathmandu Valley include Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and the Temple of Kumari.

6. Pashupatinath Temple
Though all the shrines, temples and monasteries have their own unique beauty and relevant story, The Pashupatinath Temple is a must-see. This temple which was constructed way back in the year 1696 on the banks of the Bagmati River is now known to be the most important Hindu temple in Nepal. The temple was designed in a classic pagoda style, with a gilded rooftop, four silver-plated doors and beautifully carved rafters. Though, Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple premises, but a glimpse of Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi, can be seen from the outside. Fair enough.

New Apple Watch may have mobile connectivity

Tech giant Apple may place a 4G SIM card slot to its third generation of Apple Watch that it is totally autonomous and does not need to have a smartphone nearby, according to reports by various tech news websites.

The SIM card obviously makes it possible to communicate (phoning and sending SMS/MMS) as well as connecting to the internet via 3G or 4G. The new Apple Watch could well incorporate the new eSIM technology, or a SIM card built into the watch, reported

According to the news report, if Apple makes this move, it will be following a general trend. The latest version of Android Wear, which is the operating system used in most of the devices that rival Apple Watch, now handles autonomous apps which can be installed directly on the watch and no longer need a smartphone to operate.

This has prompted a string of manufacturers to offer smartwatches with a SIM card and 4G connectivity. Some of the more high-end examples of this include the LG Watch Sport, LG Watch Style and the Huawei Watch 2. The Samsung Gear S3 is another example, using Samsung’s own Tizen operating system.

The increasing availability of smartwatches with 4G is one of the reasons why Apple could not launch a new generation of the Apple Watch which is not standalone. It would therefore be possible to communicate, listen to music, and share on social media without the need for an iPhone nearby, reported the news portal.

Quick, easy chows at Little Manila’s Noodle Depot

Quick, easy and affordable. These are what food tasters, consists of food bloggers and news writers, have been told when they entered Little Manila to try its new brand, Noodle Depot, specializing in Filipino all-time favorite snacks and quick meals like goto, arroz caldo, pancit lomi, palabok, tokwa’t baka, lumpiang sariwa, and pares. It also introduced the two new products, strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes from its existing band – Bread Shop.

The new offers, which starts at Dh10 (plain lugaw with egg), intend to fill your stomach without costing you a fortune. Hence the coin words, “Quick, easy, and affordable”.

Each dish, although derived from the commonly known Filipino snacks and quick meals, have been tweaked a little to make them more appealing to the palate, Little Manila’s Executive Chef Jojo Joaquin said.

“We did these tweaking on the flavor of otherwise common Filipino dishes to take away the ‘umay’ factor that makes you feel bloated even if you haven’t finished eating the food yet. We want the customers to experience sort of an adventure of the palate when it comes to flavor. The value for money is still there in our newly introduced dishes,” he said.

The goodies at Noodle Depot have indeed a twist of Asian and Malaysian taste infused into their original Filipino taste, making your food trip more interesting than just having a quick meal.

The cheese cakes were whipped from authentic French-made ingredients for a more authentic flavor and texture. You will not hesitate to spend Dh100 for a whole cheesecake. Good for take away for the family at home to enjoy.

“We came up with the new product because of a strong demand from customers since last year,” Little Manila Brand Manager Ken Peralta said.
“We don’t sit on our laurels and wait for customers to come. We listen to them. We try to see what’s good for the brand and see what’s missing to make it a complete experience. So we always innovate.”







Jiangnan Restaurant: Chinese fine dining experience without the pricey tag

There aren’t many Chinese restaurants in Baniyas, so if you’re in the area and fancy a scrumptious Chinese dining experience, then Jiangnan Restaurant is the place to go. Its intimate surroundings are ideal for small groups and they have set meals that suit any diner.

The authentic Chinese restaurant has been serving meals since 2014 and is known for its exotic dishes as well as more familiar favorites.

Diners might get a little intimidated with the dining set-up as it looks grand and extra formal, but wait till you see the food menu. Jaws will drop at how affordable the set and ala carte meals cost.

The Filipino Times was lucky enough to try and enjoy the restaurant’s set meal for four at the price of Dh140 and here’s what were served:

Whether you are going solo, with a date or family, there’s a set meal for you. Set meal for two is priced at Dh70 while set for six is Dh 210. It includes soup, rice and noodles, main dishes, vegetables and drinks.

We tried the Set Meal for 4. We started our meal with a hot and savory bowl of homemade Chicken and Corn Soup. This was soon followed by the four main dishes. First dish was the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, this sour soup served with cream dory fish fillet tastes similarly like our very own Sinigang.
The second dish we tried was the Spicy and Crispy Shrimp which is one of Jiangnan’s best-sellers. The shrimps are full of flavor and the spiciness level is tolerable.

Third is the Spicy Chicken, which is close to a deep fried viand. It has little to no sauce but the chilis sure are hot. Justifies the name.
Fourth is the Sweet and Sour Beef. This deep-fried beef stripes are tossed in an original Jiangnan’s recipe sauce. For the veggies, the Homemade Tofu comes as light and filling alternative dish in between the main courses.

The portions are very generous; it can feed more than four hungry people. The set also includes soft drinks and a hot pot of tea. The quality and portion of the food and the restaurant’s ambience make it hard to believe you get it all for a price of one or two ala carte meals in other Chinese restaurants – which makes Jiangnan Restaurant all the more appealing especially to those who are on the hunt for cheap food thrills.

All the dishes maybe familiar to the taste bud of Pinoys but there will be a kick of authenticity because all cooks who prepared the dishes are native of China. The restaurant can also accommodate 80 people, making it an ideal location for wedding receptions, birthday parties and corporate gatherings.

Visit them today on the 1st floor of Samaya Hotel, Riggat Al Buteen Road, Deira. For booking and reservations, email them at or call them at 047033377 or 0529861777.

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Yangchow Rice

Homemade Tofu

Sweet and Sour Beef

Spicy Crispy Shrimps

Spicy Chicken

Roasted Duck


YO! launches brand new menu with over 80 plates

New menu launched bringing together the flavors of the amazing street food of Tokyo combined with the great regional dishes of Japan.

Ebi Roll

Live fast, eat well; the freshest flavors of Tokyo have hit our conveyor belt. YO! – previously known as YO! Sushi – has rolled out a new menu featuring over 80 plates across all of its UAE branches with more emphasis on Japanese street food.

The latest menu introduces tasty new treats such as Tuna & Caviar Sashimi, Fish Nanbanzuke, Blossom Roll, Spicy Pepper Squid and Tofu Katsu Curry, among many more including more than 20 vegetarian and vegan options.

YO! now offers alot more than just sushi and its new menu is suitable for all palates and tastes with their great range of Tokyo street food and regional dishes.
To find out more about YO! in Dubai – please visit:, and for reservations please call 800-YOSUSHI (9678744)

Dilmah opens flagship lounge in Dubai

Dilmah, the largest tea producer in the world opened its flagship‘t-lounge’ in Ibn Battuta Mall (Egypt Court), Dubai on March 2, 2017.

The luxury tea lounge with presence to over 100 countries offers a selection of exotic teas.

The t-lounge was first conceptualized in 2003, by the founder of Dilmah – Merrill J. Fernando, the world’s most experienced tea sommelier. Since then it has quickly established itself as a premium venue for tasting a selection of fine tea and tea concoctions that can be paired well with their sweet and savoury delights.

Merrill J. Fernando, founder of Dilmah said, “Tea is Nature’s gift to mankind and there is no beverage that is quite like tea. We have our own tea estate and it’s our commitment to consumers to offer the finest tea that Sri Lanka has to give. Innovation is key to Dilmah and we have offered a variety of blends that don’t compromise on taste and quality.”

The Dubai t-Lounge is co-owned by Ajay Sethi, Chairman of Channel 2 Group Corporation and former Pakistan cricket team captain, Ramiz Raja – both who understood that the t-lounge will fill a gap in the country that has a high tea consumption with a more premium product and concept.

Concept Big Brands Carnival hosts shopping extravaganza

The Concept BIG Brands Carnival (CBBC), UAE’s largest fashion and beauty event is set to launch its five-day shopping extravaganza for the 54th time, with special guest appearance by Govinda, Bollywood’s veteran who will grace the occasion. The platform invites UAE’s residents and tourists to visit and avail of discounts up to a staggering 90 percent across an array of high-end global brands. The event will open its doors from 13th to 17th April at Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre, with free entry to everyone.

As part of the mega promotion, everyone visiting CBBC will have the opportunity to take advantage of these mega reductions across a range of over 300 world-class brands and products – such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Emporio Armani, Nike, Vintage, Michael Kors, Versace, Calvin Klein and many more for shoppers to revel across.

“UAE has been a very promising market and we have witnessed substantial growth over the past few years,” said Vijay Samyani, founder and managing director. “As a platform conceptualized for the best benefit of consumers and brand retailers, CBBC bridges demand and supply of high-end brands in our market.”

The opening hours are as follows:
From 10am to 10pm on Thursday 13th – till Sunday 16th April
From 10am to 5pm on Monday 17th April

For more information, please visit: or call (+97143973099)


TFT artist of the year awardee, Susan Villanueva-de Guzman is flanked by Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes and Dr. Rommel Sergio, president Filipino Educators- UAE (FilEds-UAE) during a recent event. Included in her string of awards are “Innovation Champion” for student’s production of innovative projects in Graphic Design by Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology; “The Filipino Times 2016 Artist of the Year,” and Excellence Award in Inspiring Innovation and Creativity by Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology and recognition for her distinguished contribution as Chief Expert of Graphic Design by Emirates Skills, Abu Dhabi.

“Life is something that we can’t control, however art can be contained, defined and can be polished. You can change the colors texture and style. Whatever pleases you. So, if life imitates art, then life is good and pleasant!” said de Guzman, who obtained her Fine Arts degree from the University of Sto. Tomas and is currently a design lecturer in one of the colleges in the UAE.
De Guzman has also devoted more than 17 years of her life teaching Arts to Emirati women.