DUBAI: There is more to Thai food than the usual Tom Yam and Pad Thai. Spicy food is just overrated when describing what Thai cuisine is all about.


Pineapple rice dish, Kao Pad Sapparod

Let us not forget the five distinct elements that make a dish, Thai. It is either sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy; and if you are looking for an authentic Thai restaurant to do a taste test, Lemongrass restaurant is an option.

The brand has launched additional dishes to their food menu with a full range of authentic Thai dishes.

Interested to dine on V-day? Eat or take-away these new Thai dishes and drinks we already love just from the first bite and sip.


Deep fried fish ball skewers, Tod Man Pla

Start your Thai food-eating binge with a generous option of starters. We recommend two, deep fried fish ball skewers, Tod Man Pla and fried vegetable spring rolls, Poh Pia Tod Ge. Both are served with unique Thai sauces.


Fried vegetable spring rolls, Poh Pia Tod Ge

Main course should be a feast of the best of the batch: we recommend wok tossed prawns with garlic and pepper sauce, Goong Tod Kratiam. Crispy fried red snapper served with tangy tamarind sauce, Pla Samumprai is another winning dish best eaten with Thai’s pineapple rice dish, Kao Pad Sapparod. For mushroom and tofu lovers, Pad Kapraow Taohoo will be a pleasant treat. Kao Niaw Mamuang, their own version of Philippine Biko will be one of the highlights of the dining experience. This sweet sticky rice with mango topped with coconut milk is perfection. For a more tropical vibe, try one of their thirst quenchers, we recommend Lynchee Lychee.


Sweet sticky rice with mango topped with coconut milk, Kao Niaw Mamuang

“Lemongrass’s new menu is definitely worth a try. Simply get ready for something refined, something authentically Thai, and something delicious! Khobkhun ka,” Maxime Jacques, Lemongrass restaurant marketing manager said.

The new menu will be launch in Dubai on Feb. 20 and on Feb. 27 in Abu Dhabi.

Dinner for two approximately costs around Dh 180. Drop by at one of their branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For store location and menu information, visit or call 043342325.