If you are a frequent traveler, these people might sound familiar

1. Akala mo lang wala. Pero meron.
You know the feeling when you reached your plane seat and found no one but an empty seat? Heaven. You start reclining your chair ready to sleep or watch a movie then a sweating passenger who looks like he just sprinted himself onto the plane came to sight and relieved sigh right next to you. Serenity ruined, isn’t?

2. The ‘Mayumi’ kembolar passenger
We have all encountered this passenger who feels like walking on the moon when everyone is just on a rush. Nothing will rush this passenger into getting into their seat before they’re good and ready. Whether it be walking inside the plane, storing their bag overhead, or asking a cabin crew, you just have no choice but to wait because they just don’t care.

3. Besh, friends tayo!
This person will attempt to strike up conversation with even the most disengaging people. They will invariably ask ‘what you’re reading’ or ‘what you’re watching’ or even tell you about their problems. If earplugs and reading a book won’t shy them away, trying faking a sleep.

4. The ‘wag kang ano,kama ko to’ passenger.
We can’t blame these people, even if they try not to sleep just to avoid snoring during their deep sleep they just can’t. So try to be more understanding.

5. The “please get a room” couple
We can’t deny it, flight hours are long. For some, it takes more than 24 hours and sometimes getting cozy with the partner can’t be avoided. So we see this lovebirds feel like it’s a honeymoon flight as they surgically seal their lips together and run their hands all over each other in the throes of mid-air ardour. Despite not wanting to appear like a curmudgeon, more often than not, you’ll find yourself loudly asking for a sick bag. Get a room, yeah?