It seems nothing has changed with Bryan Adams. He still has that rocker edge (despite the age) and emotional connection with the audience through his songs. This was evident at his recent Get Up Tour at the Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai on March 9, 2017.

The jam-packed Thursday show witnessed an unforgettable performance of the music icon. He made the Dubai crowd’s hearts beat faster and he successfully took a trip down the ‘90s lane.

He sang hit after hit with most of the crowd putting their hands up in the air, singing to his song’s every lyric.

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to play with my band and I have some love songs for you: We got new songs from my new album, we got old songs and we got very old songs,” said Adams with which he heard a loud cheer as an eager agreement to his repertoire.

Adams sang new songs from his album Get Up like Do What Ya Gotta Do and You Belong To Me but it was his old hits that melted the crowd’s hearts. Think Heaven, I Do It For You, and Please Forgive Me.

He also sang, “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” while sitting down on a stool mesmerizing the crowd with his unearthly vocals. He also sang his upbeat hit Summer of 69.

The Canadian singer’s raspy voice and charisma with the crowd still haven’t change a bit. He serenaded the people with his two-hour set.

The event was organized by 117 Live. The same organizers of the phenomenal Guns ‘N Roses comeback concert in the UAE on March 3, 2017.