Taiwan is one of the countries closest to the Philippines but this remains largely undiscovered and seriously underrated by Filipino travellers.
The Filipino Times asked Taiwan Tourism’s Vice President of Sales, Vishal Mehra the top reasons why Pinoys should be packing their bags and start putting Taiwan in their travel bucket list for 2017.

1. Adventure
Taiwan is like the Philippines. It is also a tropical country with majestic mountains, scenic cliffs, amazing waterfalls and peaceful lagoons with crystal clear water where one can swim and just enjoy anything under the sun. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers. You can go surfing at Waiao beach, river trekking at Wulai river, or go cycling on easy day trips, or big one from Hualien to Taitung or Paraglide at Waiao.

2. Culture
Go beyond sightseeing of touristic spots and try to get to know the locals, know the way they live and dig deeper into their history. Taiwanese people are unquestionably one of the friendliest in Asia, if not the entire world, and most foreign visitors are impressed by the often staggering level of hospitality(Just like Pinoys). Also, if you are into temples, you’ll find thousands in Taiwan. It boasts more than 5000 temples, ranging in size from single room shrines to vast multi-story complexes. Visit Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Lungshan Temple. Visit Yangmingshan National Park, go on a tea tasting at historical Wisteria Tea House and experience of writing your wishes on sky lantern using Chinese pen.

3. Food
Every Far Eastern country prides itself with an impeccable selection of street food and delicacies and Taiwan is one of them. In Taiwan, food isn’t merely belly fuel – it’s a way to have a good time with friends and family. It’s a celebration of community and life. This country surely has a “food culture,” and a trip around the island, or around Taipei, is like a visit to the world’s best culinary museum. Indulge in these Taiwanese goodies Gua Bao, Pineapple Egg, Tian bu la (Taiwanese oden), Ba wan (giant meat dumplings), Spicy hotpot, Bubble Tea and many more.

4. Shop
Taiwan is increasingly popular for being one of the best places to shop in Asia. With its maddening amount of shopping malls and night markets, it has been easily loved not only by Asian shopaholics but also by foreigners who are eager to hunt for all that their hearts desire – at a bargain price. Taichung is the shopping area to experience the hustle bustle of the biggest metropolitan city in middle of Taiwan. East District is home to several high profile shopping malls, commercial centres and business hubs as well as the world-famous Taipei 101. Hsinchu, Tainan, Yailan, and Yilan are some popular shopping destinations.


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