In time for the opening of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Scarlet Snow once again blows away her Instagram followers by dressing up like Belle.

Dr Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho posted photos of Scarlet in Belle’s iconic yellow gown as she sat and posed in a set with roses and candelabra and again earned 100’s of thousand likes.

On Scarlet Snow’s Instagram account, photos of her shoot as Belle were also posted, along with a picture of her pet, Amitee. The dog was dressed up in the Beast’s blue outfit.

And her captions says “today I get to play as baby Belle and Amitee gets to play as baby Beast. I love Amitee but I don’t want to kiss him. It’s yucky. Maybe when he turns into a prince charming I will, so I’ll wait for Ate @emmawatson to kiss him. #BeOurGuest” -KCO

Photo: Instagram/ @scarletsnowbelo