There aren’t many Chinese restaurants in Baniyas, so if you’re in the area and fancy a scrumptious Chinese dining experience, then Jiangnan Restaurant is the place to go. Its intimate surroundings are ideal for small groups and they have set meals that suit any diner.

The authentic Chinese restaurant has been serving meals since 2014 and is known for its exotic dishes as well as more familiar favorites.

Diners might get a little intimidated with the dining set-up as it looks grand and extra formal, but wait till you see the food menu. Jaws will drop at how affordable the set and ala carte meals cost.

The Filipino Times was lucky enough to try and enjoy the restaurant’s set meal for four at the price of Dh140 and here’s what were served:

Whether you are going solo, with a date or family, there’s a set meal for you. Set meal for two is priced at Dh70 while set for six is Dh 210. It includes soup, rice and noodles, main dishes, vegetables and drinks.

We tried the Set Meal for 4. We started our meal with a hot and savory bowl of homemade Chicken and Corn Soup. This was soon followed by the four main dishes. First dish was the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, this sour soup served with cream dory fish fillet tastes similarly like our very own Sinigang.
The second dish we tried was the Spicy and Crispy Shrimp which is one of Jiangnan’s best-sellers. The shrimps are full of flavor and the spiciness level is tolerable.

Third is the Spicy Chicken, which is close to a deep fried viand. It has little to no sauce but the chilis sure are hot. Justifies the name.
Fourth is the Sweet and Sour Beef. This deep-fried beef stripes are tossed in an original Jiangnan’s recipe sauce. For the veggies, the Homemade Tofu comes as light and filling alternative dish in between the main courses.

The portions are very generous; it can feed more than four hungry people. The set also includes soft drinks and a hot pot of tea. The quality and portion of the food and the restaurant’s ambience make it hard to believe you get it all for a price of one or two ala carte meals in other Chinese restaurants – which makes Jiangnan Restaurant all the more appealing especially to those who are on the hunt for cheap food thrills.

All the dishes maybe familiar to the taste bud of Pinoys but there will be a kick of authenticity because all cooks who prepared the dishes are native of China. The restaurant can also accommodate 80 people, making it an ideal location for wedding receptions, birthday parties and corporate gatherings.

Visit them today on the 1st floor of Samaya Hotel, Riggat Al Buteen Road, Deira. For booking and reservations, email them at or call them at 047033377 or 0529861777.

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Yangchow Rice

Homemade Tofu

Sweet and Sour Beef

Spicy Crispy Shrimps

Spicy Chicken

Roasted Duck