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    Quick, easy chows at Little Manila’s Noodle Depot

    By Web Dev Published: April 14, 2017

    Quick, easy and affordable. These are what food tasters, consists of food bloggers and news writers, have been told when they entered Little Manila to try its new brand, Noodle Depot, specializing in Filipino all-time favorite snacks and quick meals like goto, arroz caldo, pancit lomi, palabok, tokwa’t baka, lumpiang sariwa, and pares. It also introduced the two new products, strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes from its existing band – Bread Shop.

    The new offers, which starts at Dh10 (plain lugaw with egg), intend to fill your stomach without costing you a fortune. Hence the coin words, “Quick, easy, and affordable”.

    Each dish, although derived from the commonly known Filipino snacks and quick meals, have been tweaked a little to make them more appealing to the palate, Little Manila’s Executive Chef Jojo Joaquin said.

    “We did these tweaking on the flavor of otherwise common Filipino dishes to take away the ‘umay’ factor that makes you feel bloated even if you haven’t finished eating the food yet. We want the customers to experience sort of an adventure of the palate when it comes to flavor. The value for money is still there in our newly introduced dishes,” he said.

    The goodies at Noodle Depot have indeed a twist of Asian and Malaysian taste infused into their original Filipino taste, making your food trip more interesting than just having a quick meal.

    The cheese cakes were whipped from authentic French-made ingredients for a more authentic flavor and texture. You will not hesitate to spend Dh100 for a whole cheesecake. Good for take away for the family at home to enjoy.

    “We came up with the new product because of a strong demand from customers since last year,” Little Manila Brand Manager Ken Peralta said.
    “We don’t sit on our laurels and wait for customers to come. We listen to them. We try to see what’s good for the brand and see what’s missing to make it a complete experience. So we always innovate.”







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