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Brand new house worth Dh500,000 awaits OFW in UAE

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the UAE, who were named one of top remittances contributors for the Philippines, will have the chance to win a house in the UAE by sending money to their families back home.

Top 10 Korean actors we can’t quit having a crush on


For some years now, Korean drama and K-pop have undoubtedly invaded the world. Both have become South Korea’s instrument to domination the world in terms of entertainment, vis a vis tourism and fashion.

In the Philippines, South Korean actors would made headlines everytime they visit the country. Thanks to them and the characters they play on TV series and films, everything about their country now seems to take the center stage.

We asked some Filipino fans about “oppas” they cannot quit having a crush on. We know ten slots may not be enough, but The Filipino Times lists those came to the top in a straw poll.

10. Park Hae Jin

Photo credit: Soompi/ Esquire

Have you seen him in the mini series “7 First Kisses”? Yes, he’s that seemingly rude but sweet manager who has rescued his lady employee from a pervert. Park Hae Jin is best known for his lead roles in “Bad Guys”, “Cheese in the Trap” and “Man to Man” and his supporting roles in dramas “My Love from the Star” and “Doctor Stranger”.

9. Park Bo Gum

Photo credit: Soompi

After his stunning role as a Joseon prince in “Love in the Moonlight”, Park Bo Gum has set thousands of girls on blush. His pop culture influence fondly called “Bo Gum Magic” has penetrated many Asian countries, including the Philippines.

8. Kang Ha Neul

Photo credit: Soompi

Kang Ha Neul’s role in Scarlet Heart (spoiler alert!) made many viewers dismayed when he left Hae Soo (played by IU). But since it’s Kang Ha Neul, it’s okay. Girls just won’t quit their crush on him no matter what. Ha Neul also did well in his supporting role in Lee Min Ho’s “The Heirs”.

7. Ji Chang Wook

Photo credit: Soompi

Ji Chang Wook played lead roles in dramas like “Empress Ki”, “Healer”, and “Smile, Dong Hae”. What fans would say is his best charm? His eyes. Just how can it be so captivating?

6. Lee Dong Wook

Photo credit: Allkpop

His serious but playful character as grim reaper in “Goblin” has worked really well with Lee Dong Wook. We don’t know how, but he has this knack of making girls melt with his stare, even through TV. Need I say more?

5. Gong Yoo

Photo credit: The Inquisitr

Now that we mentioned the grim reaper, how can we not talk about the goblin himself? K-drama fans from different ages have all come to love this “ahjussi”. It just doesn’t show, but Gong Yoo is actually 37 years old now, and he is nowhere near losing his charm. He is also known for his lead roles in the film “Train to Busan” and “Coffee Prince”.

4. Lee Jung Suk

Photo credit: Drama Fever

The entertainment industry in Korea is no joke, but Lee Jung Suk rapidly rose to the top of the scene. Before his debut drama, “School 2013”, he was the youngest male model to participate in the Seoul Fashion Week. Ever! His dramas “I Hear Your Voice”, “Pinocchio” and “W (Two Worlds)” were also a huge success.

3. Nam Joo Hyuk

Photo credit: Couch Kimchi

Nam Joo Hyuk recently made headlines at his announcement of his relationship with onscreen partner Lee Sung Kyung. The two showed great chemistry in the recent korean drama hit “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. Why didn’t we know there was something fishy on the set?

2. Song Joong Ki

Photo credit: Soompi

Looking for an “oppa” with extremely cute, charming face? Song Joong Ki has it for you. He showed excellent talent in “Descendants of the Sun” with actress Song Hye Kyo, which earned high ratings in the Philippine TV. If you are dying to know his secret for a radiant skin, he has a book called “Beautiful Skin Project” for you.

1. Lee Min Ho

Photo credit: Koreaboo

Ta-da! Lee Min Ho will surely not be dropped in the list. Since his lead role as Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers”, fans were never able to get over his unique charisma. Need proof? Just look at billboards along EDSA and major roads.

Lee Min Ho has also brought success to dramas like “The Heirs”, “City Hunter” and his latest, “Legend of the Blue Sea”. Earlier this week, his fans, however, received what could be a bad news for them as Lee Min Ho enters military training in Korea. That’s two years of waiting before he can get back to your computer and television screens.

Who would be in your own top list? Let us know in the comments.

Brand new house worth Dh500,000 awaits OFW in UAE

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the UAE, who were named one of top remittances contributors for the Philippines, will have the chance to win a house in the UAE by sending money to their families back home.

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