Hijab-wearing Barbie becomes Instagram star

The iconic toy, first sold in 1959, has experienced a steep decline in sales in recent years, but it received a dramatic makeover, as three mothers from Pittsburgh launched 'Hello Hijab' - a range of small hijab's for Barbie-sized dolls. Hello Hijab follows the...

Netizens mock Brad Pitt for adventurous photoshoot

It’s Brad Pitt’s first interview since his shocking divorce from Angelina Jolie last September. But netizens weren’t shocked as much about his revelations on having excessive drinking and marijuana smoking than his photos pulling bizarre positions. Commentators online...

All set for Mr. & Ms. Teen PID 2017 coronation

Among the most highly anticipated parts of every pageant are the casual wear portion, photogenic tilt and the talent show. A battle of skills, grace and poise has been increased for the search of specific talent. The candidates for Mr. & Ms. Teen PID 2017, have been...

Microsoft unveils new laptop with new Windows 10 S

Microsoft Corporation unveiled Tuesday a new hardware personal computer (PC) model together with a new software operating system slightly different from its previous Windows version. The new PC, known as Surface Laptop, continues efforts by the technology giant, once...

Bb Pilipinas 2017 to announce shake-up?

A pageant enthusiast page “The Philippine Pageantry” hinted a shake-up on the recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas 2017 pageant. "Expect a shake-up that will break your hearts. It broke ours," it posted on its Facebook page on Tueday. This has sparked several speculations...

We listed over 1,000,000 jobs from United Arab Emirates monthly.

Accomodation option available in the market.

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