A mother who had allegedly stepped on her 14-month-old baby’s stomach that caused him fatal injuries, including severe internal bleeding – is facing premeditated murder charges in Dubai.

The 33-year-old mother killed her baby due to her physical abuse and violent treatment since his birth until his death in July 2016, Khaleej Times quoted the public prosecution at the Court of First Instance as saying.

She did not attend the first hearing of her trial and the hearing was adjourned to February 2, the report said.

One of the defendant’s maid reportedly testified that she had witnessed how the mother would forcibly make her child eat and even throw him in the bathroom to shower him.

“I noticed once she was pressing on his stomach but she stopped when she saw me,” she was quoted as saying.

In her testimony to the investigators, the Indonesian maid reportedly said that the defendant used to be violent with her little baby.

“Once I heard him crying and when I was called I could see blood on his clothes on the floor”.

The maid claimed she then saw the mother pressing on his abdomen hard.

The maid also said that the baby would always cry at night and his mother would not bother to try to calm him down. “The baby would only be calm when his father is around”.

The baby was rushed to a hospital on July 16 last year but he died shortly later, reported Khaleej Times adding that the incident was reported to Al Qusais police.

“The baby was brought several times to hospital. Once he suffered fractures in his skull and thigh bone and in other times, he was admitted with brain hemorrhage,” a doctor, who treated the victim, reportedly said, adding that the the baby had multiple injuries.
The mother’s sister reportedly said the defendant would tie the baby’s legs with a headscarf. She claimed she spotted bruises on the baby’s face and neck which were covered by some cream.

The cause of death was severe abdomen internal bleeding, the news portal quoted the forensic report.

The mother has been placed in detention, said the news portal.