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Feb 16 17, 10:32 am

Abu Dhabi Police busts car scam ring

The Abu Dhabi Police has busted a car scam syndicate with the arrest of the criminal gang’s 54 members, who allegedly defrauded investors of up to Dh1.3 billion.


Dubai rolls out mandatory ‘unified lease form’ for landlords, tenants in March.

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The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has launched a ‘unified lease form’ that will be mandatory for landlords and tenants starting in March.
The new form is a standardized tenancy contract for residential, industrial and commercial units, which is combined with Ejari, reported Gulf News.
Items within the contract are governed by applicable laws, including rental laws that determine and regulate the imposition of penalties. The new contract requires the signatures of the lessor and tenant along with two witnesses, the report said.
The move is in line with the DLD’s aim to create a transparent and professional real estate market with measurable standards, it added.
The new form has been designed to regulate relationships between all parties involved in real estate transactions in order to guarantee their rights, said the news portal.
“Dubai has managed to acquire a prestigious position because of the stability the city provides in terms of investments, work and daily life. This latest step by DLD contributes further to consolidating Dubai’s positive image across the globe,” Mohammad Ahmad Yahya, Deputy CEO of Rental Affairs Sector at the DLD, reportedly said.
The new contract was drafted based on several Dubai tenancy laws, however, the laws are not individually listed on the unified contract. Law No. (2) issued in 2003, one of the references used, regulates rental and property management as well as all related requirements, including licensing and guarantees, reported Gulf News.
The contract is also in line with Law No. (33) issued in 2008, which regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai, and specifically focuses on clause No. (25). This clause specifies cases that enable the landlord to request eviction of the tenant from the property. These include the tenant sub-leasing the property, or using it to carry out prohibited or illegal activities, the report highlighted.
With regards to property maintenance, DLD confirmed that Law No. (26) issued in 2007, under clause No. 16 is applicable. The law states that under the terms of the lease, the landlord is responsible for property maintenance repair work, and repair of any damage or defect that may affect the well-being of the tenant within the premise, unless otherwise agreed on between both parties. Should the landlord want to shift the responsibility of maintenance to the tenant, the term should be listed in the addendum and mutually signed by both parties.
All parties should agree on any additional terms before signing the lease for the first time, said the news portal.
The DLD encourages landlords to download and print tenancy contract from Ejari’s official website (www.ejari.ae) in order to assure that all items included are based on a legal framework, which is protected by the law.

Editors Choice

Rebels seize N. Cotabato school, students

At least 100 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) stormed an elementary school in North Cotabato Wednesday morning and took some students hostage, according to the military and local police.

California police arrest avocado thieves

Three men in California have been charged with theft for selling boxes of avocados from the company they work for and selling them to customers at a lower price.

Rebels seize N. Cotabato school, students

At least 100 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) stormed an elementary school in North Cotabato Wednesday morning and took some students hostage, according to the military and local police.

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