President Rodrigo Duterte told European lawmakers to stop efforts in Congress to reinstate the death penalty.

“Do not impose your culture or your belief in what would be a government in this planet,” Duterte said.

“Itong mga buang na ‘to, hindi ko talaga. Why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your own business?” the President asked.

“Do not impose on other countries, especially us. This, before, was the favorite of ASEAN countries because there’s a death penalty in Indonesia, Malaysia and I’m trying to revive it,” he said, adding that, “As if the other countries of EU there’s no more death penalty. There are still a lot.”

The Philippine House of Representatives has approved its version of the death penalty bill last March 7. It allows execution of drug convicts through hanging, firing squad, or lethal injection, according to local news.

The counterpart bill still has to go through another 3 readings in the Senate. -KCO

Photo credit: YouTube/ Duterte Administration