Sheri and Safi fish will no longer be available in the UAE markets and outlets during the breeding period to boost its production and growth, the government even banned its fishing.

However, some fishermen and sellers insist on breaking the rule, said the authorities.

According to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), trading of local or imported Sheri and Safi fish is prohibited during breeding period.

Importing and exporting of these fish in any form (fresh, frozen, salted, smoked, packed) is also not allowed and fishermen should send Sheri and Safi fish back to water if they are caught by mistake.

Recently, a shop owner was fined for breaching the ban decree issued by the MOCCAE.

The shop owner claimed that he did not go fishing for the banned fish or asked any fishermen to do so. “I got this amount from an unidentified person, and find it a good value for money,” as reported by the Khaleej Times.

Official records show that the RAK Environment Protection and Development Authority stopped 15 fishermen and fish sellers with different amounts of the banned fish in the markets of the emirate last year.

The fishermen were ordered to pay fines and were forced to sign undertaking letters to never repeat the same violation again and show compliance with the set rules, according to local news. -KCO