It’s a mix of change in lifestyle and diet for Sharon Cuneta as she reverses her weight gain while fans hope for a possible film with her ex-husband and on-cam love interest Gabby Concepcion, the megastar said in a Philippine Star article.

“Nag-plateau ako. I relaxed for a while and got tired. Naumay ako sa diet,” she said.

According to the article, the big-time actress who is now among four coaches in the Philippines’ version of the hit reality television show “The Voice” is following a diet “based on my old prescription” called Cohen Diet.

The diet is tailor-fitted by a doctor to a client, the article said.

Cuneta said trimming down one’s weight is a matter of discipline.

“You may undergo lipo(suction). You may chop off your body fats. But you can’t maintain your weight if you don’t control your eating. It’s got to be a lifestyle change,” she said.

“Remember what you did when you gained weight? Just do the opposite if you want to shed pounds,” she told the paper.

Cuneta also admitted to what caused her to gain those pounds in the past: “Bread and butter were my downfall.”