Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi continues to coordinate with the investigating body of the Abu Dhabi police to hasten the repatriation of the victims’ remains. The embassy is also in touch with the victims’ families as to the hospital care of the critically wounded.

Also, the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Dubai are working together to make sure that the six victims will be given all necessary assistance.

“Since they all worked and lived in Dubai, we will be the one coordinating with the employers for their insurance benefits and all. For the other two victims, since they are still in the hospital in Abu Dhabi, it will be the embassy that will coordinate. It will all be a joint coordination among the government offices concerned,” Cortes said in a press conference held, April 17.

Dulay and Paraiso who worked as a storekeeper, were active members of the Overseas
Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). They will each get the Ph200,000 insurance coverage for accidental death and Ph20,000 for funeral expenses, as soon as their next of kin completes all the necessary requirements for the claim, said Labor Attaché Felicitas Bay.

Bay is currently coordinating with OWWA Manila to check if the Mendoza family will still get any benefit for Marvin, also a storekeeper, as his OWWA membership has not been renewed. Interior designer Elli, on the other hand, was not an OWWA member. Survivors Mary Ann and Anna Paula, were also not listed in the OWWA database.

Bay said OFWs who are non-OWWA members will not be able to claim any benefit from the agency.

The immediate families of the victims said their focus now is on the fast recovery of the two survivors. They said they will work on the repatriation of the remains of the four soon as the Abu Dhabi authorities conclude their investigation.

Many Filipinos in Abu Dhabi attended the special mass that the family and friends have offered for all the victims at the St. Joseph church on Saturday, April 15.


Photo 1 – This photo of the six ‘barkadas’ was taken minutes before the tragic accident.

(front L) Marvin Mendoza; (front R) Veronica Dulay; (2 nd row L) Daniel Paulo Paulino

Paraiso; (2 nd row R) Mary Ann Mendoza; (back L) Anna Paula Paulino and (back R)

Lord Christian Elli.