More than half the court cases against Filipinos in Abu Dhabi last year involve immorality, according to the Philippine Embassy records.

There were 133 immorality cases or 51.55% of the total 258 cases filed against Pinoys in the UAE’s capital city. There were 68 “money cases” or those involving unpaid debts and 57 theft cases which, Vice Consul Anna Guerra said is “usually standard na kaso sa mga runaways” by their employers.

Guerra also clarified that the number of immorality cases may not be as bad as it looks, noting some incidents where couple were taken into custody for public display affection like holding hands.

There were 66 immorality cases in the first half of 2016; 67 in the second. There were 40 “money cases” in the first half; 28 in the second. There were 30 theft cases in the first half of 2016 and 27 in the second, according to Guerra’s office.

The report has been submitted to the Philippine Congress.

Penalty for immorality cases usually starts at a three-month jail term depending on the nature of the offense.