Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning that special day for your mother. Mother’s Day is seen as one of the most important holidays in the Philippines.“Ilaw ng Tahanan,” which literally translates to “Light of the Home,” best describes what a mother means to a family. She is the one who brings warmth and comfort to the family and overlooks her needs for theirs.

But what about those kids who do not have mothers? The Philippines has over 1.8 million abandoned children who live on the streets. This is nearly 1% of the country’s entire population.

Due to poverty, natural disasters and neglect, many children are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Majority of these children end up becoming victims of abuse, drugs, crime, exploitation, starvation and disease.

This year, OFWs have a chance to make Mother’s Day count for some of these abandoned children. Xpress Money, in collaboration with Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines, has undertaken the initiative to transform the lives of street children in the Philippines. The campaign, “Mother’s Day for Kids without Mothers,” aims to inspire and bring the OFW community together in the spirit of Bayanihan, to give these children the opportunity to have a bright future.

Until Mother’s Day, every time an OFW in UAE, Qatar, Oman or Hong Kong, sends money to their loved ones in the Philippines with Xpress Money, a part of the transfer fee will be used to provide quality education, housing, food, school supplies and other benefits until high-school graduation to a few street children in the Philippines.

Talking about this initiative, Sudhesh Giriyan, COO, Xpress Money said, “Mother’s Day is a big day in the Philippines and we believe that this initiative is a great way to bring OFWs together to make a difference in the lives of abandoned children in the Philippines.

“As one of the leading money transfer organizations, we have a responsibility that extends beyond our usual business – we believe in empowering and developing the underprivileged in communities and corridors we operate in. We are sure that OFWs will be inspired to support this cause.’  

Xpress Money is also inviting mothers of OFWs to spend a day with these children at the

Virlanie Foundation in Manila for the Mother’s Day Feast, which will be held on May 7, 2017.

OFWs can nominate their mothers to be part of this event by visiting

This year, OFWs have an opportunity to not just celebrate Mother’s Day with their mums but make it truly special by giving it a new meaning for hundreds of children without mothers.