All roads led to Hatta MTB Center for the recent 8th “Get Together Ride,” which kicked off with a Thursday night gathering of riders from the seven emirates, with food, music and fun highlighting the event till the early morning.
As the Friday sun rose, some 513 registered riders, a record number, started the rides at designated trails catered for all types of skills, from newbies to seasoned riders.

While the riders braved the first heat of summer, others enjoyed the pristine environment and landscape of Hatta by having a short trail hike and a dip at the nearby wadi stream from Hatta dam.
All participants and visitors were also given free t-shirts, goodies and packed lunch for free, courtesy of sponsors and donors. Raffle draw was held in which plenty of prizes were given away, including two MTB bikes from HQ Adventure and Dubai Municipality (Hatta).

There were also parlor games, which made the event more fun. The event was attended by the UAE MTB founder, Jessie Cruz, with special visitors from FilClub headed by its president, Engr. Tata Dayot and Vice Pres. Ericsson Reyes together with their group. Certificates of Recognition and Plaques of Appreciation were given to Joseph Cabatay, Noel Malicdem, Jessie Cruz, Andy Whitaker, Omar SK and Mohamed Khalifa.
UAE MTB Jumeirah Chairman Boton helped put the event together.