If you are an overseas Filipino working for your kids back home, it may be worth listing the following down: the top 8 paying jobs in the Philippines as put together by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The department, through the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), said these jobs are in air transport; architecture and engineering; animated film and cartoon production; manufacture of refined petroleum products; mining of metal ores; insurance, reinsurance, and pension funds and telecommunications.

Here goes:
•A job as aircraft pilot, navigator or flight engineer could pay up to P156,823 a month.
•A geological engineer could earn up to P101,471 a month.
•A graphic designer involved in animation and cartoon production could earn up to P99,658 a month.
•An art director could earn an average monthly salary of P76,612.
•Industrial machinery mechanics and fitters can have an average monthly salary of P76,550, followed by geologists in the field of mining who are paid up to P71,849 per month.
•Insurance, reinsurance and pension fund statisticians earn up to P56,759 while crushing, grinding and chemical-mixing machinery operators are paid P49,646.
•Communications service supervisors earn P48,270 a month.
•Production supervisors and general foremen earn up to P47,521 a month.