RVV Ballers shreds DXB Basketbolista, 49-32

Starting up young was the name of the game for the boys under 13 at the Jazzville Basketball League. But they didn’t pale in comparison to the big boys in their face off last week as both teams – RVV Ballers and DXB Basketbolista – exchange field goals after field...

Mediclinic frustrates Saudi German Hospital, 54-48

Saudi German Hospital slashes Mediclinic, 54-48 It was match made in heaven, lovers of basketball would probably say as both teams never tire engaging themselves in a tit-for-tat showdown putting in field goal after field goal from first frame to the fourth. Saudi...

Fly Emirates breaks Fedex, 54-48

Sometimes a basketball team can be likened to an engine. You have to rev it really good for it to run good. Exactly the case in last weekend’s Jazzville Inter-company match between Fedex and Fly Emirates where Fedex took off real quick in the opening quarter while Fly...

DXB Basketbolista Clinches win Vs Dragon Gems, 42-30

Young ones in action. Photos by Aarone Benj G. Mariňa Some games are meant to be won. The boys of DXB Basketbolista proved the case during a recent showdown at the Jazzville U-13 tourney. They grabbed the lead from their opponent, Dragon Gems, who were enjoying life...

Nestlé humiliates Fedex, 86-64

From blockings to seeing a shot – indeed, action speaks louder than words in basketball. Photos by Aarone Benj G. Mariňas It all started with a field goal tit-for-tat with both teams executing rock-solid defense at the recent Jazzville Intercompany match. Nestlé broke...

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