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Feb 07 17, 9:17 am

Abu Dhabi Police busts car scam ring

The Abu Dhabi Police has busted a car scam syndicate with the arrest of the criminal gang’s 54 members, who allegedly defrauded investors of up to Dh1.3 billion.


Dubai conducts massive clean-up drive after storm


Dubai Municipality has collected 720 tons of solid waste debris, nearly 900 tons of sand and 240 uprooted trees in a clean-up drive in the aftermath of last Friday’s storm that saw wind speeds of up to 65km/h across the UAE.
Dubai Municipality’s hotline number 800900 was also exceptionally busy during the day with more than 750 calls from the pubic who were reporting several issues, reported Gulf News.
Eng. Talib Julfar, assistant director general of Dubai Municipality for Environment and Public Health Services Sector, reportedly explained that a dedicated team worked around the clock to address rainwater accumulation across the emirate.
He was quoted as saying that the damages witnessed in the city on February 3, 2017, was caused due to the region’s vulnerability to strong winds, which ranged from wind speeds from 30 to 40km/h, but peaked at 65km/h.
“As a result of this, there were some mishaps such as the crane crash from one of the towers of Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as the destruction of many metal sheets used for the protection of construction sites,” Julfar reportedly said.
“Wooden pieces and boards were blown out, which were scattered in many places. The violent winds also uprooted 240 trees. Some waterfronts were affected by the state of the troubled rough seas; the waves came up with large quantities of water to the Crescent of Palm Jumeirah area and parts of the Mamzar Beach, and some parts of the beaches of Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim. Our technical teams were immediately pressed into service,” he added.
Julfar reportedly pointed out that waste management teams collected a total of 720 tons of solid waste debris, in addition to vacuuming, scraping, and collected nearly 900 tons of sand.
“All those things that were flown on the roads and squares resulting from storms were lifted, in addition to cleaning the remnants of traffic accidents,” he was quoted as saying.
Due to the relentless efforts of the municipality’s teams, Julfar reportedly said that the rain on Thursday night did not cause any traffic obstruction due to accumulation of rainwater.
The rainfall had ranged from light to medium (3 – 6 millimeters), but some parts of the city recorded 12 millimeters of rain accompanied by thunderstorms after midnight, said the news portal.
Dubai’s program for the rainy season included the comprehensive cleaning of 72,000 drainages, the 195,000 meter long main pipelines for rain water, and carrying out regular maintenance for the 59 storm water drainage stations that are distributed geographically throughout the city, Gulf News quoted Julfar as saying.

Editors Choice

Rebels seize N. Cotabato school, students

At least 100 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) stormed an elementary school in North Cotabato Wednesday morning and took some students hostage, according to the military and local police.

California police arrest avocado thieves

Three men in California have been charged with theft for selling boxes of avocados from the company they work for and selling them to customers at a lower price.

Rebels seize N. Cotabato school, students

At least 100 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) stormed an elementary school in North Cotabato Wednesday morning and took some students hostage, according to the military and local police.

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