About 55 percent of Filipinos are happy with their love lives while about 44 percent of them believe it is possible to fall in love with more than one person at the same time, according to a recent survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The non-commissioned survey, conducted on December 3 to 6 last year, showed 55 percent of Filipinos are “very happy” with their love lives, the highest percentage since 2012, reported CNN Philippines.

Those who said they “could be happier” with their relationships are at 31 percent, on par with 2011 at the lowest recorded rate.
Coming in at an all-time high since 2002 are those with “no love life,” making up 14 percent of the population.

Married Filipinos registered as the happiest with their love lives at 65 percent, while 33 percent said their marriage could be happier, the survey showed.

The SWS survey added that “among those who are single, more women (63 percent) say they have no love life than men (50 percent).”

SWS conducted face-to-face interviews with 1,500 adults nationwide for the survey, which has a ±3 percent margin of error, reported the news portal.

Those who refused to answer and do not know their relationship status were excluded from the results.

Love does work in mysterious ways, as the same SWS survey showed 44 percent of Filipinos believe it is possible to fall in love with more than one person at the same time.

At a close second are those who said the deed is impossible, making up 43 percent of the respondents.
12 percent of the interviewees remained undecided.

The result remained consistent among married and single Filipinos, with a respective 45 percent and 44 percent possibility of loving multiple individuals simultaneously.

51 percent of Muslims, whose men are allowed to have up to four wives, said loving more than one person is possible, higher than the Catholics’ 45 percent.

However, the survey added that about one in five Filipinos have already experienced falling in love with more than one person, which is most prevalent among those with live-in partners at 23 percent.

Surprisingly, the survey also showed that those who said they are very happy with their relationships also have the highest percentages in both experience and belief in the possibility of concurrently loving multiple people, the report said.