Saturday, May 27, 2017


Dubai Sports Update

The Crusaders crushed DXB Basketbolista 65-50 to take home the title at the recent Jazzville Inter-emirates Under 17 championship held at Jumeirah Baccalaureate School (JBS). First half of the game was marked by a tit-for-tat exchange of field goals such that one team can’t be away by four points, in other words, “dikitan.”


These school holidays, shoppers at BurJuman are in for a treat! Between March 26 and April 15, the mall is hosting the “60 Seconds to BurJuman” adventure game, and everyone is invited to take part. With games of skill and dexterity located in fun-filled arenas...

UIG clobbers JND, 82-68

As in most games of seasoned players, this recent match between UIG and JND at the ongoing 4th season of the Jazzville Inter-emirates division, was highlighted by a close scoring pattern in the first half with the real action breaking out in the third frame where JND...

Team Strides rains field goals on Jr. Jazzville, 42-19

They were 11 years old and below but they play like they’re from the NBA all- stars. The boys of Team Strides and Junior Jazzville engaged themselves in a tit-for-tat exchange of field goals in the first half of their match at the recent Jazzville Under 11 tournament...

Banayad Boys humiliates Cebulanos, 74-41

Banayad Boys did not spare Cebulanos a chance at the opening of the SBU second season, dumping field goals upon field goals from the opening minutes to the last seconds of the last frame to win, 74-41. In other games at the ongoing Samahang Basketbolista sa Umaga...

Now, it’s a Pacquiao-Horn fight once again

Weeks after promoter Bob Arum said the Pacquiao-Khan fight in the UAE was a “pie in the sky,” Michael Koncz, Pacman’s adviser, who had made the announcement at an Abu Dhabi press briefing, is this time singing a different tune: a Pacquiao-Horn face-off in Australia....

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